Large folding knives - benchmade contego

Large folding knives

Not everybody is looking for a small and lightweight EDC knife. Some of us would like to carry a larger one. Bigger knives have both their advantages and disadvantages over the opposite ones. They are capable of cutting bigger objects at once. They might be a better fit for your hands due to their large size. On the other hand they are heavier, therefore not very comfortable to carry. Large fixed blade knives are very common, but which of the large folding knives is the best?

Benchmade 810SBK Contego

Large folding knives - benchmade contego


This survival knife is 9.28 inches long from which 3.98″ is the blade. In closed state it is 5.30 inches long. It’s made of high quality CPM-M4 steel for great sharpness and durability. Knife weighs 5.92 oz. If you are looking for a folding knife which is as good as fixed blade when opened, 810SBK Contego is the way to go. Extreme durability, thick blade steel (0.156″), ergonomic handle and quality materials make it one of the best large folding knife! Used locking mechanism is AXIS.


Smith & Wesson SWBG2TS Border Guard 2

Smith & Wesson SWBG2TS Border Guard 2


Smith & Wesson is a famous US firearms manufacturer founded in 1982. Border Guard 2 is their prestigious knife model with very good specs. Its blade is 4.4″ long with 5.6″ very comfortable handle. This EDC knife is equipped with a belt cutter and glass breaker for common rescue operations. Locking system used is comfortable AXIS mechanism.

2 thoughts on “Large folding knives

  1. I have never used or handled the S&W; however I own both the Contego folder and fixed and could not be happier. They are both phenomenal knives and I will be using my folding Contego as my EDC, in anything but a business suit, for many years to come.

  2. Good day, a im user friendly locking folders knives. Etot Contego is hardly end previous fantastic knive, homewere in anything but a hard work. Complet extra materials, super quality steel a butter fit for your hands saw there genial mark Benchmade. My Contego is top knive in my summary object ordinary sharpness lowely.

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